Heavenly Rest Cemetery Rules

The water will be turned on about May 1 and turned off October 1 of each year.

No glass containers, toys, balloons or other temporary decorations will be allowed after three days following a burial.

Cut flowers will be removed after three days following a burial.

All summer decoration should be removed by October 15 of each year.

Flags provided by the Township will be left on through November 11.

Only one flower arrangement, in an approved 12" ring, and one candle per grave will be allowed. These must be kept within 12" of Monument.

No pets allowed in Cemetery.

No unlicensed vehicles allowed in Cemetery.

Grass is the only ground cover allowed.

Grave Blankets and Wreaths will be allowed between December 1st Till March 15th

Only one raised Monument per lot allowed. All others must be flush to the ground.

Only one vault and one cremation or two cremations per lot will be allowed.

The Cemetery will be open from Dawn to Dusk.

All non conforming articles will be removed by the sexton.

The Township Board may make other changes or rules as necessary for the efficient operation of the Cemetery.

These rules are on our web site at kawkawlintwp.org